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Potassium hydroxide, a common inorganic base, is white powder or flaky solid at room temperature. Similar in properties to sodium hydroxide, it is strongly alkaline and corrosive, easily absorbs moisture in the air and deliquescence, absorbs carbon dioxide to form potassium carbonate, and is slightly soluble in ether. A lot of heat is generated when dissolved in water, alcohol or treated with acid.


1. For electroplating, engraving, lithography, etc.

2. Used as raw material for potassium salt production, such as potassium permanganate, potassium carbonate, etc.

3. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to produce potassium borohydride, spironolactone, saparinol, testosterone propionate, progesterone, vanillin, etc.

4. In light industry, it is used to produce potassium soap, alkaline storage battery, cosmetics (such as cold cream, vanishing cream and shampoo).

5. In the dye industry, it is used to produce vat dyes, such as vat blue RSN, etc.

6. Used as analytical reagent, saponification reagent, carbon dioxide and moisture absorbent.

7. In the textile industry, it is used for printing, dyeing, bleaching and mercerizing, and is widely used as the main raw material for the manufacture of man-made fibers and polyester fibers, as well as for the manufacture of melamine dyes.

8. It is also used in metallurgical heating agent and leather degreasing.

Upstream and downstream products:

Upstream raw materials: sodium hydroxide–>hydrochloric acid–>potassium carbonate–>hydrogen–>potassium chloride–>graphite–>potassium hydroxide solution–>potassium fluoride–>barium chloride dihydrate –>Barium chloride–>Mercury–>Potassium amalgam

Downstream products:

2-Amino-4-trifluoromethylbenzonitrile–>2,3-Dimethylthiophene–>Vat ash M–>Antistatic agent PK–>Potassium sorbate–>Tetrafluoro Potassium aluminate–>Cold resin (gellan gum)

In the export, potassium hydroxide is classified as 8 types of dangerous goods because it is a corrosive solid. Its dangerous goods information is as follows:

Product Name: Potassium Hydroxide

Category: Category 8

UN: 1813

CAS number: 1310-58-3

Appearance: white powder or flake solid

Post time: 07-07-22


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