A Comprehensive Review Of The “Glyphosate Export” Matters

Product name: glyphosate

Countries with more exports include: Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Nigeria and Thailand

Related name / declaration Name: Herbicide (a kind of herbicide)
Customs commodity code: 3808931100 (herbicide medicine in retail package) or 3808931990 (non retail package)

Customs supervision conditions: registration certificate of import and export pesticides

Glyphosate export rebate rate: 5%

CAS number: according to different doses, corresponding to different CAS numbers

Molecular formula: according to different doses, corresponding to different molecular formula

MSDS: according to different doses, corresponding to different MSDs

UN number: according to CAS number, the dosage is listed in IMDG Code

Processing types: Soluble agent (SL), soluble powder (SP), soluble granules (SG)

Reference Information

CAS number Molecular formula UN NO:
1071-83-6 C3H8NO5P 3077 9/PG3
287399-31-9 C3H8NO5P 3077 9/PG3
130538-97-5 C5H11N2O6P 2910
38641-94-0 C6H17N2O5P None (general chemicals)
130538-98-6 C7H18N2Na2O13P3 2910

Glyphosate belongs to dangerous goods or common goods: glyphosate with high purity more than 80% belongs to dangerous goods

Glyphosate SL Type

1. At present, the varieties of water agents are as follows:10% glyphosate water agent, 41% glyphosate isopropylamine salt water agent (equivalent to 480g / L glyphosate isopropylamine salt water agent) - the most widely used glyphosate dosage forms at present, 30.5% ammonium glyphosate salt water agent, potassium glyphosate salt water agent, sodium glyphosate salt water agent, etc;

2. According to the viscosity (25 ℃), it can be divided into general viscosity 14 ~ 18cps; Higher viscosity (18-25cps, 25-35cps, 35-45cps, above 45cps); Can be divided according to different colors, such as red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, etc;

3. According to the low-temperature resistance, there are low-temperature resistant water agents, such as water agents resistant to minus 40 ℃

4. Water agent mixed with other pesticides, such as dimethyltetrachloride, 2,4d, metolac, imazethapyr, paraquat

5. The 10% glyphosate water agent can be prepared directly from the technical drug, or by reinjection of a certain amount of technical drug after the waste liquid is concentrated, which is also divided into 10% sodium salt, 10% amine salt, etc;

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