Product name:   Glyphosate

CAS number:   1071-83-6

Purity:   95%

Appearance:   Powder/Light Brown Liquid

Package:   200KG/drum, or as customized package

Place of Origin:  Anhui, China

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Name Glyphosate
Synonyms N-Phosphonomethyl-glycine; N-(phosphonomethyl)gtycine; Glyphosate aqueous solution (10%); Glyphosate isopropyl amine salt aqueous solution(41%); Glyphosate ammonium solution(10%); Glyphosate S.P.; (Carboxymethylamino)methylphosphonic acid; Phosphonomethylaminoacetic acid; N-Phosphomethylglycine; Bronco; N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine - propan-2-amine (1:1)
EINECS 213-997-4
Purity 95%
Molecular Formula C3H6NO5P
Molecular Weight 167.0572
Appearance White powder or crystal, powder or crystal
Density 1.74
Melting Point 230℃
Solubility 1.2 g/100 mL

Product Usage

Control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds, pre-harvest, in cereals, peas, beans, oilseed rape, flax and mustard; control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds in stubble and post-planting/pre-emergence of many crops; as a directed spray in vines and olives; in orchards, pasture, forestry and industrial weed control. As an aquatic herbicide.

Product Package

200KG/drum, or as customized package.

Firefighting Measures

Extinguishing media
Suitable extinguishing media.
Water Foam Carbon dioxide (CO2) Dry powder.
Unsuitable extinguishing media.
For this substance/mixture no limitations of extinguishing agents are given.

Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture
Carbon oxides.
Nitrogen oxides (NOx).
Oxides of phosphorus.
Development of hazardous combustion gases or vapours possible in the event of fire.

Advice for firefighters
Stay in danger area only with self-contained breathing apparatus. Prevent skin contact by keeping a safe distance or by wearing suitable protective clothing.

Further information
Suppress (knock down) gases/vapors/mists with a water spray jet. Prevent fire extinguishing water from contaminating surface water or the ground water system.


Tightly closed. Dry.

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